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Where it all started - Jenny K Home

Jenny K Home is a nature-inspired home textiles brand I started in Summer 2016.

At present I make all home textiles myself, sourcing as many materials as possible in the UK. I love to bring my designs to life and share with everyone through these unique handmade home textiles.

Feeling the urge to be creative once again after spending years working in an office environment in marketing, the process of designing and creating something tactile with my own two hands is extremely satisfying. Each home textile item is loved and thought through when being created.

Naturally Inspiring

Views from Snowdon taken by me!

Throughout my childhood spent in some of the most beautiful places in the UK, I have always been creative. I've been making various home textiles for amusement or as a serious hobby while growing up in Dartmoor and rural North Wales. Studying the unique shapes, forms and character of plants and animals was my favourite pastime. I worked with many materials including ceramics, metals, paints, textiles, recycled textiles, wood and basically whatever was to hand in the shed at the time.

While living in the rural countryside sounds like a dream, it could be very tough. It taught me to be resourceful and efficient. The elements could be ferocious and beautiful at the same time, so you have to be prepared for any eventuality.

All of this variety and freedom allowed me to appreciate the vastness of nature: From the moody and gargantuan nature of the Welsh mountains (above) to the elegant and fragile beauty of rare wild orchids (below).

Tradition and Heritage

During my time in Wales and Dartmoor, I visited many historic places. You can see history repeating itself in the character of the worked stone marked over time. Trails left by centuries of visitors bringing the years of history and purpose to life. Then nature finally takes hold over decades, dressing and gloving areas with tempting secrets just waiting to be discovered.

Art Education

I attended Shrewsbury College of Art and Design after leaving school, to do a BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design. I then enrolled on a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Arts with Marketing at the University of Hertfordshire. After completing this I decided to pursue a career in marketing, and then went onto complete a Master's Degree in Marketing before getting a marketing role a global accountancy body. After a number of years in marketing, I feel the time is right for me to start my creativity once again.

Put Jenny K Home in Your Home

As I'm in the early stages of creating my Jenny K Home portfolio of designs, I'll have a few items for sale on popular auction sites including eBay. Eventually the plan is to have an online shop. So, keep an eye out to get your hands on beautiful naturally-inspired home textiles.

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