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'We're too cute' Budgie Cushion Cover - Buy on eBay for £9.99

My first design is for sale on eBay: A unique handmade budgie cushion measuring 17 inches x 17 inches / 44 centimetres x 44 centimetres, captures the quirky little characters of two budgies.

The budgie print to the front captures a variety of blue tones, so you really get a sense of perspective. Printed onto white half panama fabric, this unique design is practical too. The reverse of the cushion is plain Navy blue linen, giving you a choice of cushion colours.

There are 4 budgie cushion covers available on eBay.

This cute budgie cushion cover is zipped, allowing easy access for washing and changing out the cushion filler.

As this cushion is handmade, there may be a few minor differences between cushions.

This budgie cushion has been handmade in the UK. All materials are sourced from UK based suppliers, supporting UK businesses.

Get a Quote

If you like the design of these cushions, I can provide you with a quotation for any amount as well as answer any questions you may have. Simply email me for further information.

Care Instructions


This budgie cushion is 100% linen so please machine wash at 40 degrees by itself, and no higher, to maintain the cushion colours. Despite having a darker back, the colours do not run at 40 degrees. Please don't wash with anything that could potentially discolour the white fabric i.e. other vibrantly coloured items that could run. You can add fabric conditioner if you choose.

Please note: I cannot be held responsible for the appearance of cushions after washing as I don't know what you'll be washing them with. To be safe, please wash cushions by themselves.


As this unique handmade cushion is constructed from 100% linen, it will need ironing after being washed. To iron, turn the cushion cover inside out so you'll iron the reverse.

Do not place the iron onto the print face directly as this could change the print colours.

Use the iron on the cotton setting. I personally find it effective when using a steam iron or water in a conventional iron. If you don't have this, you can lightly spray the fabric with water before ironing.

Again, please note, I cannot be held responsible for how the cushion cover looks after ironing.

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