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Jenny K Home Sets Up Shop on Etsy

Buy home textiles at Jenny K Home on  Etsy

I'm trying to expand the number of channels people can view and buy my Jenny K Home textiles on, making my products more accessible. So far Jenny K Home is selling home textiles on eBay and since 22nd July 2016, the global arts and crafts site Etsy.

'B' is for 'Budgie'

At present I have to admit the Jenny K Home Etsy shop is looking a bit sparse. I have 2 listings, both for budgie bird cushions from £9.99 each. Of course I need to expand the range of designs and start to form a proper collection of 5-7 pieces, which all go together. This should help buyers picture how Jenny K Home textile items will look in their home as well as providing a wider choice.

These handmade cushions have been designed and assembled by me. They are initial sample designs so I can test the water, so to speak, to see if people like them.

I've tried to capture the budgies' characters as much as possible in a vintage blue and white style. These cushions would look great in any cottage, country or vintage style room. To demonstrate, here's a Cottage Style Moodboard I made from Pintrest pins:

These images have been sourced from Pintrest users and Jenny K Home. Take a look at the full Jenny K Home Cottage Style Moodboard on the Jenny K Home Pintrest profile.

Bright and Beautiful Budgies!

The next for me is to create more colourful designs. The drawings have gone down well in the Budgiemania Facebook group with a huge number of likes.

Budgie bird cushions on Budgiemania Facebook Group

So of you're interested in my designs, please let me know via email to or message me on any of the following Jenny K Home social media channels:

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