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Sneak Peek of the Next Jenny K Home Budgie Artwork

Canaries having a sneak peek of the next Jenny K Home budgie artwork

Wondering what's next for Jenny K Home designs? Fear not, I have been very busy drawing . . . As you can see, all Jenny K Home artwork undergoes strict inspection and approval! Our two pet canaries 'Wall-e' (left) and 'Chappie' (right) have inspected the latest piece, which I'll briefly name as 'Budgie in flight'.

You may also be wondering why the artwork has been drawn on multiple sheets of paper? This is done for two reasons. Firstly, I like to work big, then shrink the design later. Secondly, I personally think it's ok to not confine your work to just one sheet of paper. Art is fluid, and if you need to attach a second sheet, then do it.

Now this artwork has canary approval, my next step is to wave the 'magic wand of design' and create something unique . . .

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