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Got the #MondayBlues ?

So you're heading off to work as per usual, after perhaps a frantic or fun-filled weekend. Feeling the burden of getting up early and running for the train - to be quite honest, we know we all need those extra few hours in bed! And then there's that feeling of 'well . . . here we go again . . .' when you rush into work early, arms full of bags.

That's the #MondayBlues feeling.

Big, Blue and B-E-A-Utiful

Perhaps you need these cute little blue and white fellows to sweeten your #MondayBlues mood. These beautiful budgie bird cushions are handmade with plenty of TLC. Available on Etsy to buy for only £9.99, these blue and white budgies are guaranteed to brighten up your day. Who can say 'no' to those little faces?

Blue and white budgie bird cushion cover #MondayBlues

‘We’re too cute' Budgie Cushion - Buy on Etsy

Shades of Blue in Your Home

Welcoming those blue tones into your home is fast becoming an in-season trend. Blue and white designs aren't just reserved for traditional tastes, as you mix the palette of colour-defining style for your home.

Take a look at this Welcome Shades of Blue Pintrest moodboard:

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