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Latest Design: Symmetry pattern budgie bird cushion - Ideal rustic or cottage chic style

'Budgie in Flight' cushion cover - bird rustic cottage vintage home decor blue black white feather handmade UK

So last week you saw a sneak peek of the 'Budgie in Flight' artwork. Well this week, that very artwork has been transformed into the 'Budgie in Flight' patterned symmetry cushion.

Fascinatingly detailed budgie cushion cover, showing budgies in flight in a symmetrical arrangement printed on the front. Capturing every detail of their swift movement in the air, you can see the individual marks made to colour each bird. The pattern is mostly blue with some black highlights on the barring of each bird around the head, neck and top of the wings. The reverse of the cushion is plain white cotton, the same shade of white used on the printed front. This zipped budgie cushion cover allows easy access for washing and changing out the cushion filler. As this budgie cushion is handmade, there may be a few minor differences between cushions. This budgie cushion has been handmade in the UK. All materials are sourced from UK based suppliers, supporting UK businesses. Check out this 'Budgie in Flight' cushion and other Jenny K Home designs on Etsy.

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