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Symmetry Pattern Budgie Cushion Cover Goes Down a Treat on Etsy and Instagram

Symmetry Budgie Bird in Flight Cushion Cover on Etsy | Traditional Cottage Rustic Pattern Blue White Classic Design Handmade UK

My latest design of the Symmetry Pattern Budgie cushion cover has proved very popular over the past few days on social media and has also had many views on the Jenny K Home Etsy shop.

The inspiration for this design came from a fascinating picture capturing a budgie in flight. We trend to associate these birds with colour, and rightly so as they have bright beautiful colours. However I find that their patterns tend to get ignored. Take away the colour and you are left with an amazing set of patterns . . .

Just look at the wing detail in the budgie cushion. See that each feather is not the same. Not all feathers are straight; some curve due to the air resistance as the budgie steers itself through the air.

This Symmetry Pattern Budgie cushion cover is available to buy on the Jenny K Home Etsy Shop.

Symmetry pattern budgie bird cushion cover - Budgie in Flight | Handmade UK Jenny K Home Traditional Cottage Style Classic French Country Blue White

This cushion cover design has been a huge success on Instagram, with over 50 likes across the 4 design photos.

Of course, you need a few different styles from the same family to make a proper set of cushions that truly complement your interior decor. That's why I'm currently in the process of building my design portfolio in the area of patterned budgie cushion covers and subject focused budgie cushion covers. My plan is to introduce 'design families'.

Visit my blog regularly to keep updated on the latest cushion designs. You can also follow Jenny K Home on any of the social media channels below:

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