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Jenny K Home Takes Delivery of New English Budgie Bird Fabric Design

Jenny K Home Take Delivery of New English Budgie Bird Fabric Design

At Jenny K Home, I'm very excited to have taken delivery of the latest budgie bird fabric design. The above design is based on a budgie in flight with each bird offset to the other, creating the sensation that you're in the middle of a flock. This white, blue and black fabric looks great in a country cottage or rustic-style interior.

From 'Fabric' to 'Unique Handmade Interior Decor'

So what will this English-designed bird pattern turn into? To be in-keeping with the current range, this budgie bird fabric will be handcrafted into a cushion cover, however this pattern can also be applied to other home textiles.

There a few other budgie bird designs in the pipeline, so do keep posted!

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