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Perfect Pops! Monochrome Patterned Colour Pop Budgie Cushions

To liven things up this spring, here are six lovely budgie cushions designs. Each one has been designed and made by myself (Jenny) in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

Truly appreciating the designs, you need to look closely. Each one is based on a drawing of a budgie I have spent a few hours creating. After this, I have applied colour to the drawings digitally, which also took some time.

Each cushion is 100% cotton to the front, printed with the colourful budgie on a monochrome background. Can you guess where the pattern in the background came from? Well, look at a budgie's face and you'll soon see! The reverse of the cushion is faux suede, in a luxurious black colour.

These cushion covers measure 48cm by 48cm but will fit a cushion fill measuring 50cm by 50cm.

Jenny K Home colour pop budgie cushion yellow black abstract background-min

Monochrome colour pop budgie cushion listings on Etsy!

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