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Pretty Packaging - It's not all about the cushions you know . . .

Jenny K Home new parcel packaging with budgie ribbon - bird black and white

As I'm developing my bird cushion designs, I'm also thinking about how they're packaged and sent to customers.

Jenny K Home cushions started off being quite traditional in appearance, so I went with a traditional brown parcel (as pictured above), containing the handmade cushion cover. Inside the brown parcel, the cushion cover is wrapped in white tissue paper.

Originally, I wrapped the brown parcel with string and included a little note about the cushion cover. I've recently decided to upgrade the string to a delightful budgie ribbon, featuring a row of budgies sitting on a long perch, each doing their own thing. I've designed the ribbon especially for the purpose of making the Jenny K Home parcel stand out a little more by being unique.

Pictured above is the first order I've packaged with this new budgie ribbon.

Pictured below are a couple of samples of budgie ribbon: One in bright mid blue and one in black. I've opted for the black budgie ribbon to start with but variety is the spice of life, so I may create other designs in different colours later on.

Budgie ribbon in blue and black - birds sitting on a long perch

If you haven't then you're simply missing out! View the Jenny K Home shop on Etsy today for unique handmade budgie cushions, and more refreshing designs to come.

Read the four lots of 5 star reviews I have. Go on, you know you want to . . .

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