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Brighten Up Your Home with Spring / Summer Cushions on #EarthDay

Yellow, Green and White Spring / Summer cushion cover | handmade from recycled fabric with 3D piping texture | 45cm x 45cm / 18 x 18 inch

These gorgeous cushion covers are perfect to set off your spring / summer look in your home or even outside on your garden furniture!

The yellow, white and green colour scheme to the front creates a happy and fresh vibe. Handmade in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, these spring / summer cushion covers also has 3D green stripes made by using piping that's been stitched into the design. A solid yellow fabric panel covers the reverse of the cushion covers.

These spring / summer cushion covers are made from recycled fabric, which would have otherwise been thrown away as excess material from my other cushion designs - Good for #EarthDay and trying to be a bit more sustainable by being more creative with my designs! These cushion covers measure 45cm x 45cm / 18 inch x 18 inch, and have zips at the bottom so you can change the filler and clean the covers. As these spring / summer cushions are handmade, there may be a few minor differences between cushions. All materials are sourced from UK based suppliers, supporting UK businesses. Buy on the Jenny K Home Etsy shop.

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