Summer Reflection and Design Inspiration

I'm sure you'll agree, the weather's been pretty hot this summer in the UK, which is nice compared to the usual odd day of sunshine here and there, that's then usually followed by several days of showers.

Anyhow, this blog isn't about the weather (you'll be relieved to read). I wanted to write about a few things I've been up to recently and how I'm now thinking about Jenny K Home. Basically I want to note down a load of my thoughts before I forget!

Summer Reflection

Originally, I started Jenny K Home on the belief that I'd produce lots of nature-inspired designs i.e. flora, fauna etc . . . However as you know, it's been 100% brilliant bright budgies all the way! Quite different from my initial thoughts however I feel I need to try and stick to what I set out to do in the first place, as well as keeping the budgie cushions, budgie mugs and anything else budgie related going in the meantime. I really enjoy making budgie items and I think it'll most definitely continue.

I've also been thinking about budgie gifts and creating items that can be personalised to appeal to all those budgie lovers out there. So stay tuned. . .

Jenny K Home Etsy Shop

Things have been going well on the Jenny K Home Etsy shop and I have received some lovely reviews from fantastic customers, who are extremely pleased with their budgie cushion purchases. I've added the budgie mugs to my Etsy shop as well and will see how well received they are.

Some of my recent listings shared to the Jenny K Home Facebook page have gone down really well and I've had some great reactions. Likewise, the Jenny K Home instagram account is full of likes. It's also been nice socialising on social media with budgie owners too.

And not to forget, two appearances in House Beautiful magazine this year. One appearance of the monochrome patterned budgie cushion featuring a yellow budgie in the May issue, and another appearance of the vintage style blue and white budgie cushions series in the June issue. It was lovely to be messaged via Etsy and asked to be in both those issues.

Design Inspiration

So after all that, where next? Well, as I said explore budgie gifts then I'll let my creative mind wander a bit and see what happens. Perhaps I'll revisit my take on celtic patterns or look at plant formations up close. Whatever my next direction is, I know it'll come to me soon!

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