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New Colourful Budgie Mugs Designed to Brighten Up Your Interior

Jenny K Home Colourful New Budgie Mugs

So, to carry on the budgie mug collection, I've designed these colourful patterned mugs featuring an aviary style design with eight budgies sitting on a long perch that wraps most of the way round the mug. Each budgie originates from a drawing I made by hand so you can clearly see the individual marks that went into making each bird.

After completing all 8 drawings, I then stitched together each one to create the full perch effect with all 8 budgies. On 4 of the mugs above, I decided to colour specific budgies to make then stand out more. I wanted to choose a realistic palette of colours which are intensified a little to make then stand out. I did this on the blue budgie mug, yellow budgie mug, green budgie mug and one of the white budgie mugs.

The main body of the budgie mugs are white with the Jenny K Home stamp on the outside, opposite the handle. Matching budgie cushions These budgie mugs stem from the range of colourful budgie cushions, I created earlier in the year, and matches the blue budgie cushion 'We're too cute' and 'Aviary cushion' designs. The budgie cushions are designed to complement these mugs. Both the cushions and the mugs will look great in any contemporary interior, adding a bright flash of colour with these happy little birds! Details about these budgie mugs Suitable for everyday consumption. These budgie mugs are the same size as a regular mug, so it holds 350ml of fluid.

Currently, each budgie mug is printed by my UK-based print partner, as I simply don't have the space (or the finance) for a kiln in the house at this stage!

I have 1 mug of each design in stock on the Jenny K Home Etsy shop however if you'd like to order more mugs, please message me on Etsy Conversation or simply email me via

I also want to make some personalised budgie mug designs, so keep posted!

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