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Jenny K Home Opens Zazzle Store Online

Jenny K Home Zazzle Shop Budgie Cushions and Mugs

I've recently set up a Jenny K Home Zazzle store online so I can try and my make my designs more accessible to people in the United States (without all those massive shipping costs!)

About Zazzle

Zazzle are a privately owned US company and launched in 2005 from Redwood City, California. At present, they only allow 'international sellers' (artists and makers based outside the United States) to sell their designs on Zazzle's products. So naturally, I have created a few budgie cushions and budgie mugs.

Jenny K Home Budgie Cushions on Zazzle

I've added a few familiar budgie cushion designs to the Jenny K Home Zazzle shop however I've also created a few variations which are bright and colourful takes on existing designs.

Jenny K Home Budgie Mugs on Zazzle

I've added a few recognisable budgie mug designs to the Jenny K Home Zazzle shop also, and I'd like to add a few more different ones too . . .

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