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5-Star Budgie Mug Review from Pippy the Budgie Bird – Jenny K Home Budgie Mugs on Etsy

Jenny K Home budgie mug review - 5-stars - Pippy the Budgie Bird on Etsy

I’m delighted to receive another 5-star review from the owners of Pippy the Budgie Bird! Pippy’s mum purchased a white Jenny K Home budgie mug with blue budgies to go with their budgie cushion with a white front also featuring blue budgies.

Above - On Facebook, Jenny K Home shared Pippy the Budgie Bird's post on this unique budgie mug design. It's nice to see Jenny K Home packages travel very well indeed!

Pippy’s Budgie Mug Review on Etsy

“Beautiful design! Perfect mug for a perfect cuppa for a budgie fan! Great customer service too!”

- Joanna Williams

Pippy Strikes a Pose on Facebook!

Pippy the Budgie Bird striking a pose next to a Jenny K Home budgie cushion

Above - Pippy strikes a pose next to a Jenny K Home velvet-backed budgie cushion. Just look at that cute face! You can see why Pippy was UK Shortlisted Face of Amazon Pets 2016!

Pippy is also on Instagram - follow the budgie antics @pippythe_budgie_bird

About the Budgie Mug & Budgie Cushion

The matching designs feature 8 cute little budgies sitting pretty on a long perch, much like those found in aviaries.

Each budgie is an individual drawing which I have ‘stitched’ together on the computer to create one large detailed piece. And as budgie owners know very well, each budgie has their own personality which I have tried to capture through the drawings . . .

Find your budgie home decor items!

Browse budgie mugs and budgie cushions on the Jenny K Home website too.

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