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New Bright and Colourful Budgie Scarves!

Jenny K Home multicoloured budgie parakeet scarves

So, it's been a little while since my last blog on the Jenny K Home website however I've been busy experimenting with new designs and ideas . . .

Autumn is upon us in the UK, so an idea came to me that I should have a go at producing bright and colourful cotton budgie scarves that aren't thick and heavy like woollen winter scarves, but something that's light weight just to keep off that slight chill in the air.

Autumn trees are a riot of colour, but I've noticed that quite a lot of clothing tends to be fairly sombre as we head towards winter. So, I thought it would be nice idea to see if these colourful design tempt people's palettes.

Colourful Budgie Scarves on Etsy

As always, these budgie scarves are listed on the Jenny K Home Etsy shop, so you can get your hands on one (or more!) of these colourful little numbers:

Pale/Baby Pink Budgie Scarf

Jenny K Home pale pink baby budgie scarf ladies gift

Meadow Green Budgie Scarf

Jenny K Home Meadow Green Budgie Scarf

Gold Green Budgie Scarf

Gold green budgie parakeet scarf ladies

Deep Magenta Budgie Scarf

Jenny K Home Magenta Hot Pink Budgie Parakeet Scarf

Bright Lemon Yellow Budgie Scarf

Jenny K Home bright lemon yellow budgie bird parakeet scarf

Budgie Blue Budgie Scarf (see what I did there!)

Light blue budgie parakeet scarf Jenny K Home

Like Jenny K Home Budgie Home Decor Items?

Great, glad to know you like my stuff :) If you're looking for a budgie cushion, budgie mug or even a budgie scarf, visit the Jenny K Home Etsy shop to purchase these unique items. I also have a Zazzle store for customers in the US which feature a few different designs (it makes shipping a bit cheaper).

The Perfect Custom Budgie Gift at an Affordable Price

If you're after something special for someone (or indeed yourself), just let me know. I've worked with a number of customers through Etsy to create high quality bespoke designs and products. If you like the sound of my 5-star Jenny K Home customer reviews, then simply message me through Etsy or email me via

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