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Great Instagram Review of Jenny K Home Budgie Mug

Customer review Jenny K Home budgie mug

Recently, a lady from Oslo, Norway purchased a Jenny K Home budgie mug featuring eight budgies sitting on a long perch wrapped around the mug. Naturally, I was delighted to receive this lovely review on Instagram with the above image:

Jenny K Home customer review budgie mug testimonial

About This Blue Budgie Mug

These blue budgies have each been drawn by hand and edited on the computer to create the final design. As you look at this budgie mug you can see that each budgie has it's own unique look and personality.

So whether you are looking for a unique gift for a budgie lover or simply a treat for yourself, this budgie mug lets you drink your hot drink in style with a design you simply won't find anywhere else!

But what about cleaning? This budgie mug is ideal for everyday use and is dishwasher safe.

Jenny K Home Budgie Mugs

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