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Another 5 Star Review for Jenny K Home Budgie Cushion - Parakeet Pillow Cover with Violet Back

Jenny K Home Violet Backed Budgie Parakeet Cushion

I'm delighted to announce another 5-star review of one of my Jenny K Home budgie cushion designs!

The violet backed parakeet patterned budgie cushion shown above, received a 5-star review on the Jenny K Home Etsy shop:

"Lovely budgie cushion cover beautifully wrapped. My friend's daughter loved it. Thank you." - Sandra

About this Violet Backed Parakeet Cushion

This parakeet cushion cover was created from several large scale drawings of budgies (which I drew myself!) Each drawing was then scanned in on the computer and edited together to form this detailed and colourful pattern to the front of the cushion cover.

The fabric was printed in the UK and I stitched together the violet cotton panel and the printed cushion face to create this unique piece.

How are Jenny K Home Budgie Gifts Packaged?

Well it wasn't just the cushion cover design that won over Sandra and her friend's daughter . . . they were also very pleased with the gift wrapping which comes as standard on all Jenny K Home orders.

Just like the image below, all Jenny K Home items are wrapped in white tissue paper, then placed carefully inside a rigid cardboard postal box. The box is then wrapped in vintage style brown paper and dressed with a beautiful budgie ribbon featuring several little cuties sitting pretty on their perch!

Jenny K Home gift wrapping budgie ribbon vintage style

But what about the paperwork? Well, as standard I keep that all separate in an envelope addressed to the person who placed the order, if you're gifting this parcel straight away, you only need to dispose of the outer plastic postal wrapping and you'll have a perfectly presented vintage-style gift.

Love Jenny K Home Budgie and Parakeet Designs?

Check out the Jenny K Home Etsy shop for great designs for budgie mugs, parakeet cushions and super soft scarves.

Looking for a bespoke piece?

Contact Jenny either via the Jenny K Home Etsy shop through Etsy Conversations or email direct to

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