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Jenny K Home Budgie Scarves Achieve 5-Star Reviews on Etsy

Budgie scarf

Baby it's cold outside . . . but not if you're wearing a handmade Jenny K Home budgie scarf, which have recently achieved a 5-star reviews on the Jenny K Home Etsy shop.

Customers in the UK and USA both loved these unique handmade budgie scarves which were both purchased as presents for close friends and relatives.

"Bought this for my brother for his 50th and he loves it (and your ribbon!)"

- Sarah Vogel, Jan 2018

"I bought 2 different examples of this scarf; colors are wonderful and the design so fun and pretty! The presentation was also noteworthy, with each item gently wrapped, and all tied with a budgie-ribbon bow. Lovely!"

- Jan Kadletz, Feb 2018

About Jenny K Home Budgie Scarves

All Jenny K Home budgie scarves are designed and made in the UK by me! Each scarf shows a few different budgies which I have drawn in different poses - so some of then are stretching, flying, sleeping and sitting pretty. Each budgie has been hand drawn on a large scale in ink then shrunk down to form the pattern.

One noticeable fact about the pattern on these budgie scarves is that when you wear them, the pattern matches at both ends of the scarf, meaning that the budgies are laced the correct way up.

Once the design is complete, I send it off to be printed in the UK on super soft cotton fabric. I then stitch the scarves and package them especially for you on Etsy.

Budgie ribbon package vintage

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