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Budgie Scarf Gift Loved by Bruce the Budgie! Great Jenny K Home Customer Review

budgie gift - Bruce the budgie with grey Jenny K Home scarf

This grey budgie scarf from Jenny K Home has recently met with approval from Bruce the Budgie - a talented and mischievous little budgie with over 1,000 followers on Instagram.

Bruce's owner was given a Jenny K Home scarf as a budgie gift recently, and Bruce has certainly taken to it...

Bruce's owners sent over a great selection of pictures of Bruce 'interacting' with (trying to eat) the budgie scarf!

Instagram Review

"@bruce_the_budgie @jenny_k_home love my new scarf thank you so much. Hannah x"

Bruce the budgie customer review on instagram

About the Grey Cotton Budgie Scarf

This budgie scarf was designed and handmade in the UK by myself in Wootton, Bedfordshire. The design began with several drawings of budgies in fun poses; some stretching, some perching, some just looking cute and pretty. Each drawing took me between 2-4 hours to complete by hand, then additional time to digitally enhance them on the computer.

Once each drawing was complete, the design was created using Photoshop and printed to bring the fun and detailed pattern to life!

The scarf fabric was then cut and stitched by myself into a shape that could be used as a neck scarf or shawl for the shoulders for those slightly cooler evenings.

To finish off the budgie scarf, I hand stitched a small metal Jenny K Home signature tab - I've never been a one for stitching tonnes of fabric labels to a scarf...

budgie gift - grey parakeet scarf from Jenny K Home

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