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Supporting the UK Budgerigar Society

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After the success of this year's World Budgerigar Championship in Doncaster, UK hosted by the Budgerigar Society, Jenny has decided to support the society further through membership. While the Budgerigar Society membership is generally occupied by budgie breeders and fanciers, it presents an opportunity to get involved in events and other activities, as well as drawing exhibition budgies which are completely different to other breeds of budgie, including the English budgie.

Jenny plans on attending a number of bird and budgie events in 2019 including the World Budgerigar Championships again and the National Bird Show held in Stafford:

Sunday 7th July 2019 - The Parrot Society Show, Stafford

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September - Budgerigar World Championships, Doncaster

Sunday 6th October - The Parrot Society National Show, Stafford

Sunday 1st December - The Parrot Society Breeders Show, Stafford

*All dates are to be confirmed.

For all events that Jenny will be attending (or trying to!), please view the event calendar.

Not attending a UK budgerigar or parrot show?

So if you'd like to see Jenny K Home budgie designs in person, then come along to one of the events. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to buy online, you can purchase budgie mugs, scarves, cards and cushion covers via the Jenny K Home Etsy shop and Amazon Handmade store.

After a special budgerigar gift?

If you have something in mind for a friend or relative to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, you can get in touch with Jenny to see if she can create a bespoke artwork for you. Email to discuss.

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