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Valentine's Day Budgie Card *Personalised* New to Jenny K Home

Budgerigar Valentine's Day card featuring blue and green budgies

New to Jenny K Home is this Valentine's Day budgie card which can be personalised with the name of your 'tweetheart'. This colourful little A6 card can be purchased through Etsy or Amazon, and come with it's own cherry red envelope with gummed lick and stick seal.

The exterior features two budgerigars twittering away about how much they love each other. Below the colourful budgies is room to feature a name of your very own 'tweetheart'. Continuing to the interior of the card, there is a short and sweet message that reads: 'You'll always be my Tweetheart'.

Interior of Jenny K Home Valentines Budgie Card 'You'll always be my Tweetheart'

How are Jenny K Home Budgie Cards Made?

All budgie cards are made by Jenny at her home in Bedfordshire.

This budgie Valentine's card started out as a sketch that Jenny drew in her studio, which was then transferred to a computer for digital colouring. The process of digital colouring is not a 'click-and-done' job; it's a skilled and lengthy process where colour is added to the original drawing at a high level of detail. This involves zooming into small areas of the design and working one area at a time. For this Valentine's budgerigar card, the digital colouring took approximately 6 hours.

Once the digital colouring process was complete, the budgie card was printed onto a study card stock and a red envelope sought, ready for the special person in your life on Valentine's Day.

More Budgie Greetings Cards from Jenny K Home

Did you know that Jenny makes a variety of budgie greetings cards which you can personalise both on the interior greeting and on the front of the card itself?

A selection of just some of the budgie greetings cards are view-able below, however you can read more about these cards on the Jenny K Home cards web page.

View and buy Jenny K Home budgerigar greetings cards on Etsy and Amazon or if you have something special in mind, simply email Jenny direct via

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