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Jenny K Home to Attend Stafford Spring Bird Show with Budgie, Canary and Parakeet Designs

Stafford Spring Bird Show 2019 - Jenny K Home Attending

Jenny will be attending the Stafford Spring Bird Show on 3rd March 2019. Jenny K Home will have a trade stand at the event and will be selling handmade items such as mugs, cards, cushion covers and scarves in a variety of parakeet designs, so why not come along and see jenny's creations in person? For more information on the Stafford Spring Bird Show, visit their website.

About the Stafford Spring Bird Show

Taking place on 3rd March 2019, the Stafford Spring Bird Show will be located in Bingley Hall at Staffordshire Showground, UK.

This show sees one of the largest gatherings of birds in the UK, with trade stands, breeder and bird societies showcasing their talents. There will be a wide variety of birds on show too including budgies, cockatoos, lovebirds, mynah birds, African grey parrots, amazon parrots and more...

The Stafford Spring Bird Show is a ticketed event. Each ticket is £9.00 and you can book online via the website.

New Canary and Lovebird Designs

Jenny has been busy creating new drawings and designs with birds other than budgies (even though we all love budgies!) Jenny wants to appeal to a wider audience at the Stafford Spring Bird Show and these colourful drawings will hopefully get people fluttering.

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