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Delighted Customer Photographs Purple Printed Jenny K Home Budgie Cushions

Jenny K Home Budgie Parakeet Bird Cushions Review

One of Jenny's recent customers was delighted to receive her purple printed budgie cushions which she is proudly displaying on the sofa in the living room. Her email feedback was very praiseworthy, which Jenny is proud to receive:

"I have to tell you I love, love, love my beautiful well made cushion covers, you are so talented. Also loved the care you have taken over the packaging including the sweetest ribbon and card. Thank you Will recommend your website to my friends and will be back for more beautiful items for myself and friends."

The purple printed budgie cushions feature eight different budgies sitting on their perches in an aviary style setting, and the design captures each mark made by the sketches of each bird. Feathers, ruffles and cheeky characters are all captured in this contemporary and unique design. A specific shade of purple is printed on the reverse of the cushion which matches the purple sketches on the front.

These printed budgie cushions were made by Jenny at her home in Bedfordshire, UK and shipped in specially designed vintage style packaging with a budgie ribbon, which you can see below.

Jenny K Home vintage budgie wrapping ribbon

If you're interested in Jenny K Home budgerigar cushion covers, take a look on Etsy and Amazon.

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