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Custom Budgerigar Mugs Created as Unique Gifts by Jenny for UK Customer

Jenny K Home Bespoke Budgerigar Mugs created as gifts

I was delighted to be contacted by a lovely lady who asked whether I could create some custom Jenny K Home budgerigar mugs which would feature a relative's male and female budgerigars. The customer sent over a number of photos depicting the budgerigars from different angles which helped me ensure that the feather colour applied to the design was accurate while capturing their cute personalities at the same time.

As I was given a little bit of artistic license with regards to the overall design, I decided to elevate the budgerigars to a similar level so they would fit on the mug and add a natural looking branch.

The design started as an initial sketch, shown below. This sketch was done freehand using pen then edited on the computer to enhance the detail. Colour was then applied to give a vibrant feathered effect which encorporates some of the pen detail.

The design was then sent to the customer for approval and once approved, the budgerigar mugs were printed by me in my home studio. The customer requested one white mug with blue handle and inner, as well as an all white mug. The mugs and print are high quality and dishwasher safe. The mugs were then packaged and wrapped in vintage style wrapping and sent by tracked courier delivery.

The budgerigar mugs arrived safely with the customer who was so please with them that they sent over a lovely photo of the mugs with their budgies:

Budgies featured on Jenny K Home budgerigar mugs

Do you need a custom budgerigar design? Contact Jenny today

Email to ask about creating a bespoke design for budgies on mugs and cushions covers or indeed another type of product you may have in mind. You can browse designs on this website or on my Jenny K Home Etsy or Jenny K Home Amazon Handmade shops to get a feel for the style and what you might like. Please send photos and a full description of what you require and I'll be happy to help...

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