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Commission Budgie Cushion Gets Approval from Featured Feathered Friends and Budgie Mum

Commission Budgie Cushion
Commission Budgie Cushion

I recently completed a commission budgie cushion for a budgie mum, which featured her four budgies; an albino named Pearl, a pied budgie named Rio, a grey opaline named Kiwi and a cute little blue English budgie named Mango.

After an initial chat via the Jenny K Home Etsy shop explaining the process and artwork stages our budgie mum gave the green light. She sent over a snap of the four cheeky budgies enjoying playtime which I used as a base for sketching each bird individually and for the final layout.

Each bird was initially sketched in one colour so I could get a feel for their forms, then, once approved by our budgie mum, colour was added to bring our little feathered friends to life. Our budgie mum requested a black outline bounding the colours of each bird, a black branch for the birds to be perched on which was then styled with black cotton fabric at the back of the cushion.

Once the final design was approved it was sent off to a UK textile printing house to be professionally printed onto white cotton. This means that the cushion cover can hold its colour when being regularly used and washed, so there's no fading.

Once the printed fabric arrived back at my home, I made the budgie cushion cover and sent over a photo to our budgie mum prior to dispatch.

When the cushion arrived, our budgie mum was ecstatic and sent over such a cute photo of little Rio next to the cushion, as well as leaving a 5 star review with the photo on the Jenny K Home Etsy shop.

"Jenny has been amazing from start to finish with my commission. I absolutely love this custom pillowcase, the quality is incredible and my birds love it too! I highly recommend Jenny's shop to anyone and everyone looking to commission their birds being drawn! I'll certainly be back for more as our feathered family grows. Thanks again Jenny, you're amazing! Xx"

It was very rewarding to work on this piece a d the final result looked stunning. One very happy customer and four very happy budgies!

Looking to commission a budgie cushion or other artwork?

If you're after something a bit different that no-one else has, then a commission is the just the ticket. To find out more you can email me via, message me on the Jenny K Home Etsy shop or connect on social media.

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