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'Happy Budgies' - Latest Cushion Design from Jenny K Home - Yellow, multi-colour, throw pill

Jenny K Home - Happy Budgies Yellow Backed Cushion Throw Pillow Aviary

BUY ON ETSY This beautiful and most colourful budgie cushion cover is the product of a labour of love.

To create this impressive and colourful design, I started by drawing 8 different budgies on a much larger scale, capturing their unique personalities! Once the pen drawings had all been digitally transferred into one pattern, it was then time for me to apply colour to a few lucky budgies. I only applied colour to a few budgies making a nice contrast to those which have been drawn in pen, so you can see both stages of the process capturing first the tone, then applying colour. While the front of this cushion is multi-coloured, I have chosen yellows as the main colour group. The reverse of the cushion is a bright banana yellow cotton to complement the yellow budgies printed on the front. Yellow is the colour of the sunshine and many spring flowers in the UK. It reminds me of bringing happiness into your home.

Size: 17x17" / 44x44cm. This zipped budgie cushion cover allows easy access for washing and changing out the cushion filler. As this budgie cushion is handmade, there may be a few minor differences between cushions. This budgie cushion has been handmade in the UK. All materials are sourced from UK based suppliers, supporting UK businesses. Care Instructions WASHING This budgie cushion is 100% cotton so please handwash at 30 degrees. Please don't wash with anything that could potentially discolour the white fabric i.e. other vibrantly coloured items that could run. IRONING As this unique handmade cushion is constructed from 100% cotton, it will need ironing after being washed. To iron, turn the cushion cover inside out so you'll iron the reverse. Do not place the iron onto the print face directly as this could change the print colours.

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