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#WorldPhotographyDay 2016 - Jenny K Home Shares a Few Inspirational Photos

Today is #WorldPhotographyDay . You'll probably have seen quite a few amazing photos on social media and the news by now, however I wanted to share a few photos of my own.

#WorldPhotographyDay Photo 1) A View from Mount Snowdon, Wales. Photographed from the Llanberis Path.

#WorldPhotographyDay Jenny K Home | Mount Snowdon Wales Cymru - Country Rustic Traditional Style Starts with the Landscape Around You

I took this photo on holiday earlier this year. Luckily we had a lovely clear day to climb Snowdon, which I have heard is not all that common!

You may be wondering what on earth this has to do with the bird cushion designs I have been making . . . This scenery evokes a natural rustic charm which is a style that I've carried over to the designs. It doesn't matter what you draw; what matters is how it makes you feel.

#WorldPhotographyDay Photo 2) Budgie in Flight Cushion, photographed at the Jenny K Home base in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

#WorldPhotographyDay Jenny K Home | My most popular budgie bird cushion design so far, handmade in the UK, country cottage rustic chic french style

This cushion design was inspired by a photograph capturing a budgie mid-flight. The intricate pattern reminds me of a synchronised flock - imagine if that was an Olympic sport?!

I'm very proud of this design as it's done very well on social media, in particular Instagram, with over 50 likes.

This bird cushion design will soon be part of a family, and I'm hoping to create different colourways for different looks.

#WorldPhotographyDay Photo 3) Jenny K Home Artwork Officially Approved by Canaries! Photographed at the Jenny K Home base in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

#WorldPhotographyDay Jenny K Home | Canaries approving the artwork for handmade home textiles

As you may have guessed by now, I'm into birds, and I own 7 along with my partner Steve. 2x Canaries (pictured above), 2x budgies and 3x Chinese Painted Quails.

As I work away to create the next piece of Jenny K Home textile art, I usually find myself surrounded by these two canaries. They are fairly tame and as you can see, they often like to inspect the work I do to ensure it meets their high expectations.

#WorldPhotographyDay Photo 4) Heath Spotted Orchid Photographed in the Rhinog Mountains of Wales.

#WorldPhotographyDay Jenny K Home | Heath Spotted Orchid Photographed in the Rhinog Mountains of Wales.

While I was on holiday in Wales earlier this year, I also came across this beautiful example of a Heath Spotted Orchid near the top of one of the Rhinog mountains, at the bottom of the Roman Steps. This beautiful flower shoots up through the moorland flora, standing tall above the grass and rocks. It's strong dusky pink and magenta colours carry for some distance, contrasting against the grey landscape.

Thank you for reading this blog post on some of my inspirational photos for #WorldPhotographyDay . If you'd like to view my designs in more detail, take a look at my Jenny K Home website homepage and the Jenny K Home Etsy shop.

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