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Looking for a Budgie Gift? Check Out Jenny K Home Budgie Mugs

Budgie Gifts - Mugs Jenny K Home

If you're looking for budgie gifts for someone if your life who loves our feathered friends, then take a look at these Jenny K Home budgie mugs, sold on Etsy.

Each colourful mug features two budgies in the 'We're too Cute' series, who look very sweet on their perch. The budgie mug handle and inner are brightly coloured in either pink, green, yellow, blue or orange.

Different Designs

At Jenny K home I don't like everything to be exactly the same; I like to create a variety of different designs, so you can choose something that suits you.

Each design series starts with budgie drawings, usually one per bird, which takes on average about 3 hours to do. Some of the mugs (blue and white range) literally feature the original drawings, however the coloured drawings go through an additional colouring process on the computer which takes some time. Each budgie drawing is digitally hand coloured, which means more than just pressing a few buttons; using the mouse, I colour each bird on a large scale, much like painted a large canvas with a tiny brush!

Budgie Gifts Approved by Budgies!

All Jenny K Home budgie mugs are designed for everyday use and have even been approved by Pippy the Budgie Bird (as pictured below).

Pippy the Budgie Bird approves of Jenny K Home Budgie Mugs

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